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Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's a rainy saturday. After three beautiful days here in Kodiak thats not surprising! We had plans to maybe go to Pasagshak, but we are using a rental car as our truck gets fixed and I don't think the trunk will hold all that we would want to take out there with us.

So, we are lazing the morning away then heading to Kings Diner, my favorite little diner in Kodiak. Damon has been on high gear since waking up and shows no signs of slowing down. Maybe after the diner we will be driving just so I can keep him strapped in his seat. He might still talk incessantly but at least he can't get into trouble from his seat.

He is like his sister this way, talk talk talk talk. take a breathe, and talk some more. They don't even care if one is really trully listening (though I suspect deep down they do), but they will talk anyway! I do have to admit they say the cutest things though. Even you Kaili!!!!

Parenting is even more precious to me now that I am diagnosed as stage IV with my colon cancer. However, it seems harder. I guess that is what happens when you throw in regular everyday challenges with new life altering, mind bending challenges and emotional stress with parenting. you get CHAOS like you never knew existed.

Damon has been absolutely amazing to me. He does have his moments when I think I am going to haul off and smack him, and then there are those moments that make me laugh uncontrollably, or smile with sweet adoration. He is a smart cookie and while he will with one hand pinch the heck out of me...he then takes the other and gently, soothingly strokes my cheek. Not necessarily as an apology, but well...Im not really sure what the motive is there.

It does drive me bonkers to say the least. He is my all american boy, 300% boy! When we move, next month, I am going to find him a Tae Quan do (?) class for him. He needs that physical outlet, and the discipline it will teach him. Not that I don't teach him discipline...I do. It's just different in a class setting, with an "official" instructor making demands rather than plain old mom.

Well, it's off to the diner! wooo hoooo can't wait to see what I will order.
Happy parenting.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wow, I haven't posted here in a very long time.

Today is Seven 11!!!



July 11, 2010. DAMONS BIRTHDAY.

We didn't do anything fabulous, but spend time with family, in the sun. That in itself was extraordinary! I loved every minute of it. I made pancakes for breakfast. I made Damon a "4" pancake the picture of which I haven't loaded onto my computer yet. lame I know.....

But we had pancakes, went to church where the primary sang "happy birthday"to Damon and another child who's birthday it was. We came home, ate lunch, changed our clothes and went to Ft Abercrombie to walk around Lake Gertrude. We stopped at the beach there and let the dogs swim while we enjoyed the sun.

Then we drove up Pillar Mt. and took in the view. Absolutely breathtaking. clear skies, warm sunshine, and good company. After all that we finally came back home and I made dinner. Kaili, Damon and Cynthia were outside hanging out.

Now we are all done with dinner and everyone has dispursed to various spots. Cynthia and I are in the living room watching Bolt. Kaili, Damon, and the neighbor girl are outside in the sun. John is outside also, but loading the truck for his ATV ride tomorrow with his neice Meagan. Meagan is upstairs. It has been a GREAT weekend.

A GREAT weekend. I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Starting all over~

After being home alone with my three yr old son for two weeks, my John is back home! That's great. It's really good to see him.
We missed him.
For what may or may not be obvious reasons.
We also missed him for other reasons.
Damon ~ for want of a break from his old mom, who after days and days of crappy weather gets tired and cranky.
Me~the crappy weather and lack of exercise led to feelings of aloneness, and desperation. Feeling that my journey to weight loss and triathlon training had ended. Working out at home is a good thing, and I would be the first to encourage it~~~under most circumstances.
But my circumstances are not what they used to be.
Our son is older, and wilder than ever. It is difficult to get in even a 12 minute mile on my walking video without major interruptions. Interruptions mentioned in my previous blog.
I was on a roll before my John left and all of a sudden it came to a screeching halt!
FINALLY~ he is home, and while I whined and moaned the whole two weeks he was gone that he needed to get home so I could return to the gym where I belonged in the wee hours of morning....
I now find I have gone into "Winter Sleep" mode and the thought of getting back out there is daunting.
I will, don't doubt it.
I have to!
Deep deep deep down I WANT to, Somewhere....let me spend the day finding that desire deep down somewhere.
Until tomorrow I am enjoying cookies and dreaming of ice cream.
Tomorrow is my Second start. Or it's probably more like my 100th start in the past however many years.
But since beginning my recent journey with my dear friend Amy, before the holidays, this will only be my second start.
Have to get back my enthusiasm, and regain some mental health before my John leaves again In March!
Oh it's too soon to think about THAT trip.
Health and wellness to all........

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I See how it is....

Day 10 of my hubby being gone. It's nothing really, compared to those with husbands on patrol boats. Their husbands are gone months at a time. However, I am still not so happy with my current situation.
trying to workout....
Mile 1...........

3 minutes in; Damon is ripping through the house with his monster truck on the tail of some dog who lives here.

5 minutes in; Damon starts climbing on computer desk, slamming his toys down on the nice wood finish.
Must intercept, scold, reprimand.

7 minutes in; Damon still crying and whining from previous scolding.

Minute 10... almost done with 1 mile, and Damon demanding this, that or the other thing.

oh MY GOSH, is this mile going to end so I can pause the DVD and deal with this madness? Or maybe it's just me in my own madness thinking..well.... what exactly? How dare I try to workout with a 3 yr old on the lose.? Or at least THIS particular 3 yr old?!

I know, I know, this picture is cute, he looks so helpful and sweet. Dragging a beaten fish to his Daddy. Well, yeah, that was a different day. Daddy was here, we were out in nature, he was well within his limits to be free and run. Oh that we could go to that nice beach every day.

As I type he is trying to fit his swim goggles to above mentioned dog. Now my foot. Next..............who knows.
My prayer for the get through it, while burning a few unwanted calories. For Damon to get through it without injury to himself or others, or too much damage to the house. May I have my wits about me, and not yell too much.

Monday, February 1, 2010

It happened like this....

John and my friend Amy recruited more help by Melanie and together they planned a surprise birthday party for me. I haven't had a birthday party since I was young, and I've NEVER had a surprise one.
ooooh, lucky me. It was so fun.
Rewind a few days...
I had a feeling something was up, but didn't know exactly what or how, or when, or who. All I know is that John was acting weird with his phone, and he made a few comments that were sort of weird.
Then there were the text messages from Amy,
"what is your favorite candy?"
well, ok, what a strange question to ask me since we workout together 6 out of 7 days a week and are both trying hard to reach our own personal goals. Candy doesn't really figure into our daily plan these days.
Then she asks, "do you have visiting teachers? If so, who?" Okaaaaaay..............interesting. But oh well. Maybe she is just trying to know me better. Always a good thing in developing a friendship.
And my husband, he can RARELY hide anything from me. He texts me asking for all kinds of phone numbers.
Well what in the world, can't you just get those when you come home? I'm busy with our son. I don't have time to fetch numbers for ppl all day!
And Candy????????? I better not be getting a basket full of candy for a birthday gift from Amy....I will have to bake her cookies and cakes and pie if she does that!!!
You heard me Amy! An eye for an eye right?
naaaaawwww I'm only kidding! I wouldn't do that. (ok, I don't think I would)
Thank you all for making that night so wonderful, fun, and surprising!
If you want to see a few pictures from my surprise b-day party night anyway, go to Amy's blog at:

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Let me just say.....

Let me just say what I am thankful for today!

1- A loving Heavenly Father!!!

2- A wonderful, caring family!!!

3- The Best Friends anyone could ask for!!!

And some surprises are so worth it...............
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